Building ideas for Hardware design

Fixed Point Recursive FFT

Implementation of the forward and inverse FFT using hardware recursion

UVM Environment for Image Signal Processing

A Framework for Design and Verification of Image Processing Applications using UVM

Integral Image in Hardware

Convolutional Summed Area Tables for Fast Features Computation

2D Convolution in Hardware

SystemVerilog implementation of Edge Detection

A Basic Tutorial to Connect Octave with UVM

Integrating Octave into SystemC and UVM

A Basic Tutorial of UVM Connect

Integrating SystemC into UVM

A Basic Tutorial of UVM

An Introduction to Functional Verification

Hardware Synthesis

An introduction to the Synopsys Design Compiler

RGB to YCbCr conversion

Playing with bits and pixels

AMBA AXI Protocol

A brief introduction to interconnect IP blocks

Binary Logarithm

SystemVerilog implementation of the Hardware Algorithm

Square Root Computation

A Hardware Algorithm

Hardware Division

A fairly simple Algorithm

Peasant Multiplication

An overview of the Hardware Algorithm